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Partial closure could see over 300 jobs lost



OVER 300 jobs could be lost from TATA Steel’s Newport plant after its owners announced it would be closing part of the business.

Tata’s Orb Electrical Steels base in the Pill area of the city will be closed.

The company was put up for sale in May 2018 when it decided it would only concentrate on its core production of steel.

The plant makes electrical steel used in power transmissions for vehicles.

However, it is understood that although over 300 jobs will be lost from the Newport site, that they can be redeployed elsewhere in Wales.

Tata Steel’s European operations head Henrik Adam said: “I recognise how difficult this news will be for all those affected and we will work very hard to support them.”

The Orb Electrical Steels site has been struggling to compete and it has been suggested that it could cost more than £50m to convert it.

It is part of Tata’s Cogent division which is being sold to a Japanese steel company.

Commenting on the announcement that hundreds of jobs are under threat at Tata’s Orb Electrical Steels factory in Newport, Shadow Business Minister, Russell George AM, said: “It’s incredibly disappointing to hear of yet another case of potential job losses in South Wales.

“380 job losses in Newport would be a terrible blow to the region and its supply links, and it would make Orb Electrical Steels the latest victim of business difficulties along the M4 corridor.

“The Welsh Government must be very clear about whether its delay to address congestion and transport problems along this road has had anything to do with Tata’s decision. I urge the government too to ascertain any other contributing factors in order to stop this spread of business strife in this busy and prosperous part of Wales.

“My thoughts are with worried staff and their families during this time.”

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A nation of sheepish lovers



A NEW study has revealed that adults in Wales are still a secretive bunch when it comes to sex, with a shocking 69% admitting that they are not entirely open with their partners about their sexual preferences, nor have 38% been completely open about their sexual history.

That has resulted in 41% being less than satisfied with their sex lives; 39% who want more sex than they’re currently having; and 45% who rate their partner’s skills in the bedroom as no better than “good”.

These findings have today been revealed by national digital radio station JACK Radio, ahead of its launch of The Tracey Cox Show; a bold new radio show that aspires to get the subject of sex out in the open and which is fronted by one of the world’s most famous sex and relationship experts, Tracey Cox. The Tracey Cox Show launches on JACK Radio at 12pm on Wednesday 25 September 2019, and can be heard every week thereafter.

The survey also looked at personal habits amongst adults in Wales, with 71% admitting that they would openly burp in front of their partner; 57% admit to passing wind in front of their partner; and 55% who use the toilet with the door open. Only 55% however, would tell their partner if they had poor hygiene in an intimate area!

Instead of being hidden away after dark, The Tracey Cox Show can be heard on JACK Radio every Wednesday lunchtime from 12pm to 1pm, launching this Wednesday 25 September. Every week, Tracey will tackle a broad range of topics – from dating tips and relationship advice, to the latest bedroom moves and sexual hang-ups, sharing her experience gained over a career of more than 30 years writing, researching and talking about sex, with key plaudits including prime-time series Would Like to Meet (BBC, Discovery) and The Sex Inspectors (Channel 4, HBO), as well as appearances on the likes of Oprah, CNN and The Today Show in the US and a weekly column in the MailOnline.

Speaking of the findings, Tracey said: “We live in a sexualised society but still don’t talk to our partners about sex. Yet it’s impossible to survive and thrive sexually as a couple if you aren’t open with each other about your secret needs and desires. Mouths are good for many things when it comes to sex but most of all for talking.

“I’m hoping my show on JACK Radio will get people talking about sex topics they normally shy away from. I’m going to challenge the myths head on and provide good, practical information to help people enjoy sex more and communicate more easily.”

The launch of JACK Radio was announced late last year and made headlines with its world-first-broadcast radio format, which provides an exclusive platform for women in music and creates a completely unique listening experience.

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Swansea 10k gets gold



RUNNERS from across the country gathered in Swansea this Sunday, September 22, for Admiral’s yearly Swansea Bay 10k.

The gruelling 10k race began at St Helen’s rugby ground with runners going towards Mumbles then returning along the promenade towards the city centre. The finish line was located at at the cenotaph.

The Swansea race is widely known as one of the best of its kind in the UK, aside from the main 10k event, there was also a 10k wheelchair race, a 1k and 3k junior race and even a 100m mascot race for those brave enough to don their fancy dress.

Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers boasted the male 10k winner, North London’s Kieran Clements and, for the first time since the 1980’s, Wales boasted a winner in the form of Micky Morris Racing Team’s Natasha Cockram who finished first in the female 10k.

For an outstanding fourth year in a row, the disability race was won by Disability Sports Wales’ Richie Powell.

Councillor Robert Francis-Davies, said: “It was a joy for our city to host so many running enthusiasts at the weekend; another special way for Swansea to celebrate its first 50 years of city status.

“We’re delighted with the huge crowd of spectators which added to the community feel and family atmosphere that helps to inspire everyone who takes part.”

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Cows make chaos



Tuesday, 17th September, Pontarddulais unexpectedly had plenty of unwelcome visitors as a herd of cows had managed to escape and cause carnage in the streets and playground.

Many residents were shocked at the sight and took pictures and video footage of the mammals strolling around helping themselves to vegitation whilst from residents gardens. While some created a mess falling into fences and parked cars.

South Wales Police were informed by a variety of locals and social media was used to find the owner of the roaming farm animals.

After rummaging around housing estates, the herd made their way to the local childrens playground on Bolgoed Road.

A resident of Bolgoed Road said “My three year old was standing out in the front garden watching them pass so it was very exciting for her.

“It was lovely for the children to see even if it was a bit hectic in Pontarddulais.”

4pm on Tuesday the cows were finally claimed by the owner after causing disruption to traffic and blocking roads along the way.

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